Why Owning Your Brand Story Can Improve Wine Sales During COVID-19

Online merchants gained an extra $107 billion since the start of the pandemic, according to Adobe Analytics. Keyword searches included face mask, disinfectant, thermometer for adults, rice, bread, hand sanitizer, N95 mask, TP and rubbing alcohol. Another hot item: alcohol. Wine, in particular.

Once an unknown option for consumers, ordering wine online has caught on during the pandemic, and Rabobank beverage analyst Bourcard Nesin expects these new buying habits to be long-lasting.

What can a small- to medium-sized business do to take advantage of this new e-commerce opportunity? Own your brand story, from start to finish.

From website interface and design and product packaging, to shipping, tracking and digital marketing support, your brand story needs to be consistent and stand out at every step. For example:

● Don’t send your customers to another website to track their shipments. Make it easy for them to track their shipment through you so you can keep your brand story front and center.

● Treat every tracking update as a marketing opportunity. Ask them to sign up for your e-newsletter or join your wine club. Share your latest blog post. Suggest a delicious wine pairing. Studies suggest consumers check on shipping status 5-7 times before the product lands on their doorstep.

● Customize your shipment packaging, inside and outside. There’s no excuse for not custom printing your shipment boxes. Today’s technology makes custom printing easy, convenient and fast. And custom printing services like MrBox Custom Shop is affordable for small- to medium-sized business owners.

● Ship with Care. One bottle, six bottles, or a dozen bottles, package and ship wine using expanded polystyrene (EPS) to shield wine from temperature change and prevent breakage. Better yet, EPS is 90% air and made from recycled content. That’s good for the earth and good for your customers.

MRBOXonline makes shipping wine easy, secure and affordable. Visit Foam & Inflatable Wine Shippers | Wine Shipping Boxes for more information or call 954-572-2500.

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