Shipping bottles of wine just got easier!

Shipping bottles of wine just got easier!

Sick and tired of driving your Hummer to work while every single one of your neighbors flaunts a Prius? Do you still throw your garbage into a single waste basket, instead of dividing it into every possible material including plastic-water-bottles-without-the-caps? Have you ever been accused of killing the planet for leaving the water running while you brush your teeth? The Green Revolution has taken our country by storm, and finally there is a way to participate that requires little to no effort: Western Pulp Wine Shippers. Sounds like just another marketing ploy, we know, but in reality this fully-recyclable and convenient wine shipper that will rocket your business into the future. The wine shipper lies down flat in a box and protects any wine bottles, from those with large diameters, high shoulders, or tall lengths. Never more will you have to worry about smashed glass or wine bottles the don’t fit snugly on their journey to a customer or dear friend. And what’s more you dispose if it’s as good as dirt.

The world is changing, and you might as well get on board.

Visit to join the Revolution.

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