It’s time to spring-clean your business

March 20 marks the official day of spring. Weather permitting, it’s the time of year people open the windows and give their homes a good spring-cleaning. A forward-thinking business owner does the same – a little virtual and on-site spring-cleaning goes a long way in helping improve your company’s bottom line. Here’s a checklist to help you get started:

  • Purge – Sort through your desktops, countertops, workstations and file cabinets. Get rid of unnecessary or old items. When possible, scan and digitally file documents rather than adding more paper to more file cabinets. Paperless is the way to go; it’s okay to start gradually.
  • Digitally Declutter – Clean out, organize and back up your computer files. Use a cloud-based technology, like DropBox or GooglePlus to store larger documents or archive older ones.
  • Scrub Your Inbox – More than 94 billion spam messages are sent daily to email accounts around the world. It’s no wonder the Inbox has become a monster difficult to tame. Read this article for some great tips to get and keep your email under control.
  • Wash Up Your Website –For many business owners, their website is their storefront. What it looks like and how it makes customers feel matters. Take a fresh look at yours. Is your website easy to navigate and up-to-date? Are the graphics dated? Is it Search Engine Optimized (SEO)?
  • Dust Off Your Business Plan – Reviewing your business plan once a year makes good business sense. Are you meeting your business goals? Are your strategies working? It may be time to re-evaluate or simply re-charge your team for a fresh start.
  • Start Cleaning –When was the last time you dusted behind your desktop computer or wiped down that computer keyboard? Yeah, we thought so. A clean workplace is an efficient and safe workplace, so pull out the dusters and mops, roll up your sleeves and get cleaning!

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Do you have spring-cleaning tips for businesses? Let us know @AMTAPE.

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