Your Holiday Packaging & Shipping Checklist

The holiday shipment frenzy is about to begin. Have you made your packaging list and checked it twice? If not, MrBoxOnline can help.

Start with your packaging box
Dependable holiday packaging begins with dependable boxes. Invest in sturdy new boxes to ship your items.

We have millions of boxes in thousands of sizes stacked in our warehouse, ready for shipment: corrugated cardboard boxes, die cut boxes, holiday red gift boxes, apparel boxes and even the perfect sized mailing tube to ship those fast-selling Taylor Swift posters. Take your pick by visiting us online. There’s no minimum order.

Make it festive
Looking to stand out from plain brown box crowd? Get festive with our custom-printed packaging. For as low as 89 cents per box, small business owners can customize shipment packaging with a holiday message or a company logo. And yes, we print in color! Fast turnaround time, too, so there’s still time to print packaging for the holidays.

Choose your filling
Stay away from newspapers, as it leaves print residue, and stock up on Styrofoam peanuts, foam sets or Kraft paper sheets instead.

Pack it wisely
United Parcel Service recommends leaving about 2 inches between the item and the box in every direction. Make sure empty space is filled with Styrofoam peanuts or tissue paper to keep items from shifting. Keep breakables safe by wrapping them tightly in bubble wrap. Items that are perishable may require gel packs, ice packs or dry ice.

Tape it shut 
Ditch the duct tape and masking tape and use durable packing tape that is 2-3-inches in width. Apply the tape to the top and bottom of the box using what packing experts call the “H” method. It simply means apply the tape along all of the open seams of the box. This improves the strength of the box.

Tape it shut…quietly!
Reduce your holiday stress by reducing the noise. Make your packaging space a little more Zen with our Lucky Dog Silent™ brand ‘all bite, but no bark’ packaging tape. It’s sticky, strong, and whisper quiet.

Label properly
Place the address label on top of the box. If the item you’re shipping is fragile, say so by marking ‘fragile’ clearly on the outside of the box.

Send it off with good cheer
But do so with plenty of time to arrive at your customers’ or family members’ doorsteps before Christmas Day. Here are the 2015 shipment calendars for UPS, USPS and FedEx to help you plan.

For more packaging tips, contact us!

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