When Did Shipping Boxes Get Pretty?

For MRBOXonline customers, boxes got prettier in 2016

It’s all about the packaging. Pretty packaging. Distinctive packaging. High-end packaging. Fun packaging. I’m-too-cool-to-care-about-packaging packaging. As writer Nicola Fumo so eloquently wrote in her “When Did Shipping Boxes Get Pretty?” article, in the age of unboxing, the box matters.

For MRBOXonline customers, boxes got pretty in 2016, when the company introduced a high-digital printing service for small business owners looking to take their shipment packaging to the next level.

Subscription boxes are getting pretty, too. See how MRBOXonline can customize subscription boxes.

Our customers were looking for an affordable option to brand their shipping boxes and turn them into more of a sales piece than a shipping container. With our printing service, we can do that for as low as 89 cents per box,” said MRBOXonline President David Perlman.

MRBOXonline can print full-color logos/designs on corrugated cardboard boxes with a minimum order of 100. “Most of our small business customers only need about 150 shipping boxes printed at a time,” he explained. “Before, their only option was to use a low-quality, low-run printing service or to ship products in plain brown cardboard boxes with a label. Now there’s a better, prettier option, one that’s affordable.”






Customers can choose from more than 16 million colors to print full-color logos, images and text. No special set-up or printing plates are required, saving on expensive set-up costs for traditional printing. Customers can choose from 1,000 sizes of corrugated cardboard boxes in stock and turnaround time is about 10 days on average.

Make Your Packaging Photo Worthy

It’s worth the investment. A 2015 e-commerce survey by Dotcom Distribution found that 39% of online shoppers shared a product image or a video on social media. That's free advertising. But to get it, your packaging has to be pretty.

Call MrBoxOnline printing professionals today to give your shipping box a makeover – (954) 572-2500 or (800) 231-8806 or visit us at MRBOXonline.com.


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