What’s the secret to great MRBOXonline customer service?

What’s the secret to great MRBOXonline customer service?

Her name is Joyce

As soon as you hear the words “Good Afternoon” over the phone from Joyce Beedenbender, you know she loves her job. She’s manager for Customer Relations/Inside Sales for MRBOXonline. She’s worked at MRBOXonlne for 13 years, which means she’s adept at working in sales, shipping, behind the counter, on the floor, or wherever else she’s needed.

We sat down for a chat with Joyce to find out what makes her tick…

13 years is a long time with one company. What has made you stay?

I love my job. David (Perlman) and his wife, Amy, are good, fair people. There is not a part of this business David won’t get involved with. He’ll stack tape in the showroom, take orders, print tape, print boxes and helps unload the tractor trailers.”

Key to great customer service

I ask, ‘How can I make you happy today? What can I do for you?’” And, she adds, “If it’s wrong, I fix it.”

How long did it take you to learn about the thousands products sold by MRBOX?

At least five years. And I continue to learn something new every day.”

Favorite MRBOX product

“The LuckyDog brand of products!” Joyce is an animal lover at heart – and the proud parent to a 12-year-old Umbrella Cockatoo bird named "Angel" (that’s Joyce and Angel in the photo!). The LuckyDog™ brand logo, featuring the Perlman’s retriever dog, a golden retriever, is draped on the company’s brand name tape, bubble wrap, stretch wrap and poly bubble/poly mailers. Aside from the great logo, she says, it’s a great brand.

Favorite MRBOXonline free gift

Oreos. To find out why, since she can’t sing the commercial jingle here, watch this video from the ‘80s. Creativity helps fuel solutions at MRBOX!

The best part of the job?

Finding solutions for businesses’ packaging and shipment needs. She’s helped eBay sellers choose the most cost-efficient shipment packaging for their array of products; business owners print custom packaging tape; mothers ship breast milk at safe temperatures; and animal lovers choose the proper sized cooler to give feral cats a place to sleep during the cold, snowy months.

Most unusual request from a customer

It was a rough day for Joyce when she had to advise a customer on packaging options to ship his pet, a great Dane, who had passed passed away.

Why should customers choose MRBOXonline?

Price, service and products.

Favorite hobbies

Cooking. She’s known to bring in homemade chicken noodle soup for those on her team who aren’t feeling well. And if you smell fajitas coming from the lunchroom? Those are from her kitchen, too!

Finally, Joyce’s favorite quote


Questions about MRBOXonline products and services? Give Joyce or one of her team members a call at (800) 231-8806 or (954) 572-2500.

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