Tips for an Efficient Warehouse

Our 90,000 square-foot warehouse is the heart of our business, so we make sure it runs like a well-oiled machine. Yours should, too. An efficient warehouse is good for your bottom line, and it keeps your employees safe.

Below are tips to keep your warehouse running efficiently and your employees out of harm’s way.

Keep it Organized
Like any other part of your business, organization is key. Make sure the design and layout of your warehouse allows employees to easily and safely access your products.

  • Use adjustable storage racks appropriate for the size and type of products you store.
  • Stack smart. Pay attention to how high you stack your products and provide the equipment necessary to access those products safely.
  • Label inventory using color-coded tags or barcode labels. Plastic label holders prevent damage to the labels during storage and distribution.
  • Label the aisles using signage to help workers and forklift drivers navigate your facility safely.
  • Provide practical and useful workspaces for employees to get the job done. A centralized location to house cardboard boxes and rolls of Kraft Paper, Bubble Wrap and Styrofoam helps streamline the packaging process.

Keep it Clean
Overflowing garbage cans, slick spots on the floor or piles of debris are safety hazards and reflect a poorly run warehouse. Take pride in your facility by keeping it clean and free of clutter. This positive, can-do attitude will trickle down to your employees and have a positive effect on business.

More tips to keep it clean:

  • Make it easy for employees to discard garbage by having plenty of garbage cans situated throughout the warehouse; empty garbage cans before they overflow
  • Leave no mess behind: Require employees to “clean as they go”
  • Assign cleaning tasks on a daily or weekly basis
  • Use slow days to complete additional cleaning tasks
  • Keep cleaning equipment and supplies nearby
  • Keep clutter to a minimum and get rid of outdated stock

Keep it Safe
It’s everyone’s job to make the workplace a safe place, so create a culture of safety within your organization by following these guidelines:

  • Meet OSHA’s guidelines for your particular industry
  • Keep it clean by following our tips above
  • Train employees on workplace safety, regulations and equipment usage
  • Check and maintain equipment regularly
  • Eliminate potential safety hazards throughout the warehouse
  • Use appropriate safety equipment at all times
  • Use safe lifting techniques
  • Adhere to relevant fire codes; make sure you have a sufficient number of fire extinguishers
  • Use signage and floor stencils communicate hazard areas

An efficient warehouse is good for business. Call (800) 231-8806 or visit A&M Tape & Packaging to find out more.


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