There’s a 3rd Annual Global Cardboard Challenge! No kidding!

A&M Tape & Packaging loves cardboard boxes. (Of course we do, we’re a packaging company and our warehouse is stacked with more than five million cardboard boxes!). Kids love cardboard boxes (Who hasn’t seen kids play with the boxes their toys came in more than with the toys themselves?).

You can imagine our excitement when we heard about the 3rd Annual Global Cardboard Challenge, where kids all around the world build stuff out of cardboard and recycled materials. Then, on Oct. 11, everyone gets to hang out and PLAY with what they’ve built. Genius.

Not surprisingly, a nine-year-old kid sparked the inspiration for this cardboard building craze. Read about the amazing ‘Caine’s Arcade’ here.

We can’t wait to see what amazing stuff kids built using nothing but cardboard boxes and their wild imaginations. Last year, a school in our own state of Florida won the challenge. Check out the video here.

For our own entertainment – and yours, too – we’ll post the video from this year’s winner here on our blog and on Twitter using #cardboardchallenge.

After all, we’re really just a bunch of big kids ourselves, imagining innovative ways to help meet our customers’ packaging and shipping needs. Need some creative direction? Call A&M Tape & Packaging.

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