The Beauty of the Box Business

Let's face it, we aren't in the most glamorous business; cardboard boxes and packaging tape are anything but pretty.

But one Boca Raton, Fla., company's business is all about beauty, and they count on us to provide the packaging they need to move their products from the manufacturing floor to their customers’ front doors, safely and in tact.

Cosmetic Solutions has been developing natural skincare products since the early eighties. The company has grown into one of the world's leading private label/contract manufacturers, providing skincare products to physicians, skincare leaders and established cosmetic brands around the world. After its chemists create and bottle everything from eye serums and collagen creams to skin exfoliators and lotions, the company labels and packages the products and prepares them for shipment.

That’s where A&M Tape & Packaging comes in.

We provide Cosmetic Solutions with 5,000 quality corrugated cardboard boxes in five to 10 different sizes nearly every week. The turnaround time is next day, because with more than 1,000 sizes stored in our warehouse, we have what they need ready for shipment.

Says sales consultant Ed Bainer, “We’ve watched Cosmetic Solutions grow from a small operation to a very large operation. As their needs changed, so did the products we provided.”

When Cosmetic Solutions required specially sized box partitions, we enlisted the services of one of our trusted manufacturing partners to get the job done.

“We provide more than products to our customers,” says Ed. “We provide packaging solutions. If that means tapping the services of one of our partners, then that’s what we’ll do. It’s all about providing superior customer service.”

Our goal is to provide packaging and shipping solutions to our customers. What kind of packaging and shipping needs do you have? We can help.

Contact one of our sales consultants.

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