Savvy holiday packaging with MrBoxOnline

We’ve officially entered the holiday countdown. Christmas, Kwanza, Hanukkah, whatever the celebration, it is now the season for online shopping and there are fewer than 100 days left for consumers to find and ship that perfect gift.

As consumers place their online orders, boxes will begin arriving on their doorsteps. Some boxes they’ll recognize and tear open like presents on Christmas Day – think’s smiley face. Other boxes, the plain, nondescript cardboard boxes, will create no reaction at all. And that’s what we call a missed marketing opportunity.

Smart, successful business owners package their products from start to finish. That includes the shipment packaging – the last opportunity to communicate your brand, build brand loyalty, and make a lasting impression on the customer.

This holiday season get savvy with your shipment packaging. Wrap up your sales by sprucing up the shipment boxes that arrive on your customers’ doorsteps.

Customized shipment packaging

MrBoxOnline’s new, onsite printing service lets you create custom shipment packaging. Add your company logo, splashes of seasonal color, holiday graphics, and a bit of good cheer to help your business stand out from the plain brown cardboard box crowd.

The printing service is affordable – for as little as .89 per box, depending on the size and type of box needed. It’s fast – average 10-day turnaround. It’s easy – email to get started or for more information.

Wrap it up with more customization

Add even more personalization to your shipment box with custom-printed packaging tape, another product MrBoxOnline specializes for its customers. Share a seasonal ‘Happy Holidays’ greeting or a ‘Thank you for your business’ message on your packaging tape. It’s a small touch, but a personal one that helps to humanize your business.

Savvy marketing on a small budget

You don’t have to be or a huge business to afford savvy marketing. Use this holiday season to think outside the box with custom-printed shipment packaging by MrBoxOnline. See how sprucing up your shipment packaging can help grow your sales and build a foundation of loyal customers.

Find out more

Email MrBoxOnline to get started on your custom-printed shipment packaging or call us at (800) 231-8806.

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