MrBoxOnline – Your Local One-Stop Shop For Packaging And Shipping Supplies – 16 May 2014

Why shop locally?

Buying local means more money stays in your community.

When you shop at local stores and use locally-owned and run services, you not only help keep these businesses afloat, you support the local economy

Did you know that according to the recent studies, forevery $100 you spend in a locally-owned, independent store, $68 of that comes back to your community in the way of taxes, payroll, and other expenditures? When youshop at a national chain, only $43 comes back.

We are a national wholesale distributor of hundreds of tape, packaging products and cardboard boxes.

We're also a manufacturer and we can custom design to your specifications. 

All of our cardboard boxes are manufactured here, at our main distribution center in Sunrise, Florida, USA.

Our custom printed Box Sealing tape and labels are also printed in our Sunrise facility.

The products we manufacture and/or convert have been certified by an independent testing firm to be 100% Made in USA.

We sell our products through our e-commerce site: MrBoxOnline.

Our goal is source out local suppliers in our backyard or throughout the USA.

There's no reason why we should support the economies of other countries.

In fact, we encourage our customers to buy local, whenever possible.

If you're visiting the South Florida area, stop by our Sunrise showroom. Our showroom is open Monday-Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

We're conveniently located about 8 minutes north of the Sawgrass Mills Mall in sunny Sunrise, Florida.

Find Us Easy

Keep your local economy strong - buy from wholesalers and manufacturers in your area.

Support your community. Shop local.

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