Bubble Wrap’s™ path to “pop” icon status

BUBBLE WRAP™, or bubble cushioning, wasn’t an overnight “popping” success. In fact, it took a few years for it to reach today’s “pop” icon status. Okay, no more puns, we promise.

The story of Bubble Wrap began with a couple of shower curtains and a desire by two inventors to create textured wallpaper the public would want to buy and hang on their walls.

Well, the public wasn’t interested.

The air bubbles created from two shower curtains sealed together didn’t impress the interior designers and homeowners of America, so Swiss inventor Marc Chavannes and engineer Al Fielding tried another use for this popping plastic: greenhouse insulation.

Corporate America wasn’t interested, either.

Three years later, IBM was readying to ship its new 1401 variable word length computer. Frederick Bowers, a marketer at Sealed Air, pitched to IBM the idea of using cushioned bubble cushioning to protect the computers during shipment. The idea came to him while flying in a plane and noticing how the billowy clouds seemed to cushion the aircraft.

Finally, there was interest.

Today, enough Bubble Wrap is produced to stretch from the earth to the moon and back, according to Sealed Air, which owns the trademark on the bubble-covered cushioning. Now that’s a lot of popping potential.

Bubble Wrap is a staple product at A&M Tape & Packaging. Our customers use it for everything from protecting their products during shipment to protecting their kids’ artwork in storage. Some use the popping-plastic as a stress-relieving tool. Others just like the popping sound, and that’s okay too.

We carry three different bubble sizes in our warehouse, small for non-breakable items, medium-sized for computer equipment and large for delicate and fragile items. But if we don’t have the size you need, let us know, and we’ll custom cut Bubble Wrap to your specifications. For our bubble wrap connoisseurs, the customers looking for that special bubble wrap that’s antistatic (and pink!) or provides cushioning and stops heat transfer – you know who you are – we stock that, too.

Looking for new and unique ways to use your bubble wrap, or just want to get your grandmother’s good china to your new house in one piece? Heck, even if your looking to re-stock your own personal “popping” supply, contact A&M Tape & Packaging, we can help.

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