Packaging industry news and tips — 28 January 2014

We believe in selling cardboard boxes that are made in America.

In fact, our manufacturing process has been certified by an independent testing lab verifying that our paper is 100% grown and manufactured in the USA and that is converted into cardboard boxes in a facility located in the USA.

MrBoxOnline has hundreds of sizes of cardboard boxes in stock, at wholesale prices!

We can help you find the boxing solution that fits your needs.

Now and in the future, we want to be your partner in the packaging and supplies to ensure your business competes with quality products.

We also produce custom cardboard boxes.

All custom cardboard boxes are manufactured in-house, at our main distribution Center in Sunrise, Florida.

Contact Us and we will work with you to provide custom printed, sizes and other requirements for your packaging needs.

Our cardboard boxes has been certified as an American made product.

Look for the USA seal which print on each every carton.

This seal means that MrBoxOnline has committed to American jobs and to the American economy.

By purchasing Made in USA Certified products, you do make a difference.

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