MrBoxOnline Pulp Glass Bottle Shippers – 15 April 2014

We're proud to introduce our new line of Molded Pulp Glassware Shippers.

Made with 100% Post-consumer Recycled Paper which meets the high standards required by FedEx, UPS and ISTA test labs.

An environmentally friendly packaging solution choice.

Our Pulp Glass Bottle Shippers are Made in USA.

Why use molded pulp?

Lower overall cost: Typically, less expensive as a packaging material and reduced shipping costs compared to EPS foam.

Space saving: Nesting allows for efficiency in transportation, warehousing and assembly floor space.

Strong: Generally, outperforms expensive foams, plastics, and die-cut corrugated for superior cushioning and protection.

Environment: Made from 100% recycled newspaper, a sustainable packaging material that is 100% recyclable and usable as compost.

We offer small and medium glass pulp shippers.

Find out more information about this product here.

Additionally, we offer cardboard boxes designed specifically for our glass pulp shippers.

The boxes can be purchased separately.

Thank you for shopping with MrBoxOnline.

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