MrBoxOnline Custom Cardboard Boxes – 20 October 2014

Looking for a small quantity of custom cardboard boxes? Can't find just the right size box? Check us out! MrBoxOnline has hundreds of sizes of cardboard boxes in stock, at wholesale prices!

Design your own custom cardboard box. We can also custom manufacture many different box styles. All custom cardboard boxes are manufactured in-house, at our main distribution Center in Sunrise, Florida.

To get a quote go to MrBoxOnline Custom Cardboard Boxes

MrBoxOnline tip: UPS and FedEx use the outside dimensions of your box. To figure out this dimension, please apply the following rule: Single wall boxes: Add 3/8" to the length and width and 3/4" to the depth. Double wall boxes: Add 3/4" to the length and width and 1-1/2" to the depth.

Our cardboard boxes has been certified as an American made product. The products we manufacture create American jobs! Time to 'in-source' instead of out-source.

We're committed to American made products.

Have a fantastic day! Thank you for shopping with MrBoxOnline.

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