Introducing Our New Product – Lucky Dog Blue™ Painter’s Tape – 23 September 2014

he waiting is over, it's finally here! Lucky Dog Blue™ Painter's Tape.

Lucky Dog Blue Painter's Tape

Painting is one of the most common home improvement projects that home owners can do themselves and the right tools are essential.

Unleash the power of Lucky Dog Blue™ Painter's Tape on your next painting project.

14 Days! That's the number of daysLucky Dog Blue™ Painter's Tape can be left outdoors.

Lucky Dog Blue™ Painter's Tape removes cleanly without adhesive transfer or surface damage for up to 14 days, even in direct sunlight. And it stops paint bleed without buckling!

Lucky Dog Blue™ Painter's Tape  is a medium adhesion tape that is ideal for painted walls and trim, woodwork, glass and metal.

Did you know that making clean paint lines between two colors doesn't have to require special equipment? This technique is very simple and requires only paint, brushes and painter's tape.

By choosing the right tape and masking surfaces properly before you start painting, you can achieve a professional-looking paint job.

Be sure to purchase plenty of painter's masking tape for your next painting project!

Have a fantastic day! Thank you for shopping with MrBoxOnline.

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