Cool Solutions For Your Temperature-Sensitive Shipping And Handling Needs – 22 July 2014

When things get hot, MrBoxOnline has the perfect solution for your temperature-sensitive shipping and handling needs.

Shipping perishable goods could be a tricky process.

There are several things you have to consider such as how to keep the items intact, how to package them so they don't get squished, and how long it can withstand being in a box without going bad.

Insulated corrugated shipping boxes are a staple for packaging and shipping foods, beverages and other temperature-sensitive products include pharmaceuticals, healthcare, biotech, and electronics.

These are self-contained systems. The specific components may vary, but what insulated corrugated shipping boxes have in common is interior foam inserts (four sides, top, and bottom) that protect the product by cushioning.

At MrBoxOnline we offer a large variety of pre-packed foam coolers.

Styrofoam Cooler Boxes

As of July 2014, we have 26 stock cooler sizes to choose from! Most of our coolers have a 1-1/2" wall coolers which will provide at least 48 hours of chill time during transit when used with our gel packs, moisture guards or cold bricks.

Need help configuring your foam cooler? Click here for more information Foam Cooler Sizing Information.

We ship nationwide, right to your doorstep, laboratory or loading dock.

Inquire about special freight quotes for large shipments.

Hope you have a fabulous day! Thank you for shopping with MrBoxOnline.

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