A tidier alternative to peanuts: Air Pillow Packaging – 12 February 2014

A tidier alternative to peanuts: Air Pillow Packaging.

If you are looking to get away from using 'packing peanuts' or other fill material and want packaging material that is reusable, recyclable and dust free, then air pillow packaging is for you!

At MrBoxOnline we have the latest system that uses rolls of special film to create a strong air pillow of two different sizes.

They are clean, dust free, reusable, recyclable and produced on demand.

Great rid of the messy peanuts!

Airplus is the ideal combination of safety plus quality plus environmental awareness.

Our dust-free air-cushion system serves as both cushioning and filler.

It is safe and sound, neat and clean.

You can find more information about this product at Air pouch packaging

We now offer cases of either 8"x4" or 8"x8" air pillow packed inside an oversized shipping box.

Visit this link to order this item:http://www.mrboxonline.com/pouch-bubble-pillow-bags-case-p-5906.html

Whether used for interior cushioning or simply as void fill, Air Pillows ensure that your product reaches its destination without damage.

Excellent cushioning ensures optimum protection for your product.

Air Pillows are light weight packaging.

In fact some of the largest on-line companies, such as Amazon utilize Air Pillows for quick and easy shipping. Now you can get these bags from MrBoxOnline.

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