Shipping Tips: Keep Cargo Cold with Foam Coolers

Shipping food and other perishables during the hot summer months can be disastrous without proper packaging and good-sense shipping tips. Before you ship, check out our 2-piece foam coolers pre-packed in cardboard boxes and follow our best practices so your cargo arrives cool and intact.

Start with packaging. Insulated, 2-piece foam coolers are prepacked inside a sturdy cardboard box for convenience. Plus, our pre-packed foam coolers offer:

48 hours of chill time: The 1-1.5-inch wall coolers keep perishables cold for at least 48 hours when used with gel packs, moisture packs or cold bricks.

Ease of use: Pre-packed into sturdy boxes arrive at your doorstep or loading dock ready to use.

Affordability: Order one or 1,000. You buy only what you need.

Variety: 26 stock cooler sizes, from mini-foam 2-quart coolers to Texas 90-quart coolers are in stock and available for shipping. Need help determining the size you need? Our sales reps are professional, knowledgeable, and ready to help.

Quality: Pre-packed foam coolers meet the manufacturing standards in the EPS foam industry and the standards set by USPS, UPS and FedEx Ground®. You can count on our foam cooler boxes to do the job.

A green option: Our foam coolers are good for business and good the environment because they are reusable, recyclable, and contain no CFCs.

Good Sense Shipping Tips

Armed with a quality foam cooler, follow these best practices to create an exceptional customer service experience.

Pick the Perfect Packaging Tape. 2-3-inch cold temperature clear tape, not duct tape, is durable and helps keep your package airtight.

Timing is everything. Pack and ship at the end of the day so transit begins when your product’s temperature is at its coolest. Ship early in the week, too, so your product doesn’t spend the weekend waiting in a warehouse.

Select the ideal shipping partner. UPS, or FedEx and USPS offer affordable shipping options so packages can arrive cross-country within 2-3 days or overnight.

Communicate with your customers. Let customers know when they can expect delivery. Provide an email and toll-free number they can use to contact you with questions, and a tracking number they can reference for delivery updates.

We can help you select a foam cooler to best meet your needs. Visit MRBOXonline, call (800) 231-8806 or (954) 572-2500, or email [email protected].

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