Paws up for packaging & shipping supplies by MRBOXonline

This month we celebrated National Pet Day by showering belly rubs, ear scratches, and peanut butter treats on Milton, our devoted canine colleague and family member. We also remembered fondly the original “Lucky Dog,” Olan, our lab/retriever mix who inspired A&M Tape & Packaging’s Lucky Dog® Brand of packaging and shipping supplies.

We had some big paws to fill when creating the Lucky Dog product line. By focusing on affordability, quality, and dependability, we unleashed a line of products customers count on to safely ship their products.

Lucky Dog’s litter of products includes stretch wrap and premium bubble, poly mailers, and a variety of durable tape, including sticky tape, painter’s tape, and reinforced tape. Our family of tape even includes the original Whisper-smooth®, all bite, no bark, clear tape for areas where noise is an issue, like a home office or small stock room.

Okay, fur real, enough with the pawsitively, fur-tastic dog puns.

In the spirit of our four-legged colleague friends and our Lucky Dog brand products, we’re dedicating this blog post to all things that combine dogs and packaging and shipping supplies – two of our favorite things in the world. In other words, it’s about dogs tearing into custom printed subscription boxes. Enjoy! And, visit MRBOXonline to learn more about our Lucky Dog product line.

A Pawsitively Adorable Unboxing Experience

This Pup Gets a High-Paw for a Fur-tastic Unboxing

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