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As seen in The Suit Magazine, September 2011

What do you get when you introduce a 36-year-old family-owned packaging company to the limitless potential of the World Wide Web?MrBoxOnline—a one-stop, all-inclusive packaging material distributor that has become a fast and convenient solution for wholesalers and shippers across the country.

David Perlman, President of A&M Tape & Packaging, tells The Suit how he capitalized on Internet technology by starting MrBoxOnline 10 years ago to help his company expand nationally.

“We wanted a stronger brand," Perlman says. "MrBoxOnline was the vehicle to brand our product throughout the United States. We hired a sales staff and introduced some new products with competitive pricing and a lot of marketing.” A&M remains an active locally-focused company in South Florida, and has been since its 1977 inception.

Perlman explained his business model as a one-stop source with customization capabilities; they manufacture cartons within their facility. “We sell shipping supplies, but in general we’re really the backroom guys," he says. "We’ll sell the cardboard box, the bubble wrap and the labels to our customers, but these are people working in the back room, so we’ll sell them everything else they need—things for their break room for instance, or cleaning supplies—because the truck is going there anyway. We want to be a single source supplier.”

MrBoxOnline offers over 1,000 stock shipping cartons, packaging and janitorial supplies. Perlman's subsidiary Tyler Tape and Label, started in 1994, includes 7 printing presses that produce printed box sealing tape sold nationally through distribution.

And that’s not all. “Recently we have gotten into two new product lines where business is really picking up. The first is insulated foam coolers for the food and medical industries. We stock 23 sizes in our 90,000-square-foot warehouse, and our prices are very competitive," Perlman says.

"We’ve also delved into the wine industry, and now we distribute molded pulp shippers for wine bottles. This product is made with 99 percent post-consumer waste. We sell to wineries and wine dealers. We distribute the Vintner’s Choice brand based in Corvallis, Oreg. The wine industry has been on the upswing lately, so we’ve jumped on board."

Perlman adds that both MrBoxOnline and A&M share a strong commitment to providing eco-friendly products and recycling solutions—including a program for collection of common workplace corrosives like light bulbs and batteries—and to retaining an emphasis on domestic manufacturing. They carefully select U.S.-based suppliers in order to support American jobs and economic growth. Perlman “didn’t want to be a part of fueling the exodus of our jobs overseas.”

Perlman and MrBoxOnline set the standard for the American ideal of customer service. By making shipping easier, MrBoxOnline helps.

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