Is it time to repackage your shipment packaging? – 23 June 2015

Did you know that Apple has a secret packaging room where experts focus on nothing but the packaging options for Apple products? From how you lift the tab to pull out your new iPhone 6 to how you tear the sleek strip off the plain brown cardboard box that arrives at your door, every step you take has been orchestrated and practiced by Apple's packaging and marketing experts. Apple does this to make sure its loyal customers get a product that is packaged with its brand in mind.

Small business owners can’t afford a secret packaging room, but they can afford to pay attention to how successful companies package products from start to finish.

Check out out our latest blog post to get some great tips on the importance of presenting products the right way from start (production) to finish (shipment).

Today’s small businesses and online boutiques have options for printing creative, colorful shipment packaging that doesn’t break the budget.

Our customers can choose from more than 16 million colors to print full-color logos, images and text. No special set-up or printing plates are required, saving on expensive set-up costs for traditional printing.

Is it time to repackage your shipment packaging? Let A&M Tape & Packaging’s new onsite printing service help. Call (800) 231-8806 or visit A&M Tape & Packaging to find out more.

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