Customer Service Counts During the Holidays

“This holiday season, like everything else in 2020 is ... going to be unprecedented,'' says Brie Carere, executive vice president and chief marketing and communications officer for FedEx Corporation when asked about this year’s holiday deliveries in USA Today.

What can you do to help ease some of your customers’ angst during the holidays? When circumstances are out of your control, control whatever you can. In this case: Communicate. Communicate. Communicate.

Expect delays in shipping? Tell your customers as much. Be available to answer questions and provide updates.

Email and Text Messaging: Keep them updated on the status of their shipment so they know YOU know how important their shipments are to them.

Social Media: Place a banner on your website and pin a post to the top of your Facebook telling customers there may be a delay in your shipments and you and your team will do their very best to get their packages to them on time.

Brand Your Package with Positivity: Custom print packaging tape to add a little cheer to your shipment packaging. “Stay Safe and Be Well!” “Smile” “BeKind” “#inthistogether”

Be Available: Answer emails, respond to comments on social media and your website, treat your customers with an extra dose of kindness and patience. Everyone is experiencing the impact of the pandemic and some manage better than others.

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