Another Cool Reason to Check Out MRBOXonline – 18 December 2015


There’s more to MRBOXonline than brown cardboard boxes. One of our top-selling products for 2015 isn’t brown, and it’s not even corrugated. It’s much cooler than that – drum roll, please!foam coolers.

Designed to keep your beverages cool on a hot summer’s day or perishable items fresh and edible during the trek from your business to your customers’ doorsteps, our foam coolers are dependable, affordable, in stock, and come pre-packed in strong shipping boxes. And, each cooler meets the USPS, UPS, and FedEx ground shipping standards.

MRBOXonline ranks #1 online for the largest variety of pre-packed foam coolers.

To learn more about our top-selling productscheck out our blog.

While ordering your foam cooler, add gel packs, ice packs and insulated liners to your shopping cart and don’t forget to learn more about how to safely use dry ice in your shipment. Call us at 800-231-8806 or send us an email at We’ll help you order the products you need.

From all of us at A&M Tape & Packaging we would like to wish you a joyous Holiday Season and a very happy New Year!


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