3M packaging tape: reliable, durable & fun!

At MRBOXonline, we’re pretty discerning about which brands we welcome into our family of product lines. So we set our standards high: quality, dependability, ease of use, and affordability are a must. If the company is innovative and creative, well, that’s even better, because we are, too.

3M products are a natural fit in the MRBOXonline family of product offerings. It meets all of our standards, plus 3M’s people are the creative brain power behind some of world’s most famous and most used products. Post-it® Notes, like many great inventions, were created by accident and first considered a dud of an idea before settling into the marketplace and selling more than 50 billion each year. We can thank 3M for sandpaper, Scotch® tape, and a numerous health and safety products.

  • Where did the name “3M” originate? You’d be surprised. Check it out.

MRBOXonline sells hundreds of 3M products to thousands of customers each year. Products that are sticky, strong, secure, magnetic, sharp, protective, easy to use, and fashionable. Check out 3M’s tortoise shell safety glasses.

Our personal favorite 3M product is Scotch® packaging tape, the perfect pairing when you’re purchasing our cardboard boxes for shipping, moving, or storage.

Not all packaging tape is created equal

3M packaging tape is strong enough to keep heavy boxes secure during shipping and durable enough for long-term storage or rough handling. Manufacturers, small business owners and even homeowners count on 3M packaging tape because:

  • It’s durable
  • With one easy strip it seals box closed
  • It resists slivering, splitting or tearing
  • 3M’s tape features an adhesive that’s UV resistant and ideal for long-term storage in hot or cold temperatures

And, since we know 3M packaging tape outlasts the competition and is an extremely reliable product, you can find it on MRBOXonline.

For the art of it!


Some packaging tape is just for fun. 3M sponsored an Off the Roll Tape Sculpture Contest. The free-falling, World War II era-inspired paratrooper was the winner in 2012 and took 15-½ rolls of packaging tape to create. Check out the others and try to guess just how many rolls of tape it took to create each piece of tape art!

Shipping boxes, making a move, or creating life-sized pieces of tape art? Thanks to MRBOXonline, a full-line 3M House, we’ve got you covered.

Check out MRBOXonline for a full list of 3M products or call (954) 572-2500 or (800) 231-8806 to learn more.

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