Your holiday package is just 1 in a billion!

Your holiday package is just one in a billion! FedEx expects to deliver 317 million packages and UPS expects to deliver more than 700 million packages this holiday season. That means your package will be scanned, sorted, stacked, transported, tossed, and restacked with about a billion other packages in all kinds of crazy winter weather before it finally lands on someone’s doorstep or place of business.

Keep this in mind, whether you’re preparing a shipment for a customer’s online order or for a family member’s favorite tin of brownies. Your packages need to arrive on time, but they also need to arrive in one piece.

Not sure where to start? First, check out our Holiday Packaging Checklist for some tried and true tips for safe and sturdy packaging, and then peruse our Recipe for Shipping Food, so your brownies and cookies arrive looking as delicious as they taste and are still safe enough to eat!

Next, check out some of MRBOXonline’s top-selling packaging products:

The Shipping Box

  • Corrugated cardboard boxes of all sizes or custom-cut for the size you need
  • White die-cut boxes
  • For the holiday spirits: Styrofoam coolers, wine and beer shippers
  • Laptop notebook shipper

The Shipping Materials

Finally, stay on schedule. Get those packages delivered by Christmas by following the ship-by deadlines below.


ship-by date infographic


Have questions about how to properly package your gifts or products for shipment? Our packaging specialists can help! Visit MRBOXonline or call 954.572.2500 or 800.231.8806.

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