What’s on your holiday shipment box?

Year-round we tell customers to think outside the box for shipment packaging. Pay attention to when customers most often purchase products and then customize their shipment box to make a bigger impact. For many customers, that time is right now, in the weeks leading up to the Christmas holiday and New Year.

This season, UPS expects to deliver more than 700 million packages and eMarketer projects more than $94 billion in e-commerce sales. So we’re asking our customers, and we’re asking you, “What’s on your holiday shipment box?”

If your shipment box is worthy of an ‘unboxing’ experience – a term used to describe taking something out of a box – then you’re all set. Check out our holiday packaging checklist instead. But if you’re still slapping a label on a brown cardboard box, then read on.

Consumers want to experience the same anticipation and giddiness associated with brick and mortar shopping when they purchase products online and have them delivered to their homes. The 1.6 million unboxing videos on YouTube tell us so. Consider the holidays an opportunity to make your shipment box worthy of an unboxing video.

It’s affordable, and we can help

Today, customized shipment boxes are an affordable and easy option for large and small businesses. Our high-quality digital printing service doesn’t require a six-to-eight-week lead time (average turnaround time is 10 days) and the minimum order for full-color, double- or single-sided printed boxes is 100.

There is still plenty of time to add holiday magic to your shipment box. We shared the following holiday printing tips with our customers:

  • Add your company logo and website address.
  • Add splashes of holiday colors, a dreidel, or a red holiday bow for some holiday cheer.
  • Surprise customers with a holiday greeting by printing “Just in time for the holidays!” or “Happy Holidays from “insert company name” or “Welcome to 2017!” on the inside of the box.
  • Add more holiday cheer by sealing your box with branded or colored packaging tape.

A warehouse full of corrugated cardboard and die-cut boxes and packaging materials makes us a convenient one-stop shop for customers all year-round. We have hundreds of corrugated cardboard box sizes in stock, but we can custom-cut to special sizes if needed.

There’s still time!

Email us or call 954.572.2500 or 800.231.8806 to get started on your customized holiday shipment box today!


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