Today’s Shipment Box: It’s more than cardboard. It’s content

We aren’t the only ones inspired by Nintendo’s use of cardboard to create accessories for its new Switch. Curbed architecture critic, Alexandra Lange, said in an opinion piece penned for the “New York Times,”

These 21st-century storytellers turned to cardboard for the same reasons that children have long preferred the box to the toy that came in it: cardboard is light and strong, easy to put up, quick to come down and, perhaps most important, inexpensive enough for experiment.”

Our recent blog post, “Who Knew You Could Have So Much Fun with Cardboard and Technology?” explored the creative possibilities with cardboard from a kid’s point of view. This month, we’re taking a look at the creative options from an adult’s point of view.

A Timeless Tool

Corrugated cardboard boxes are among the top shipment packaging tools of choice for small and large businesses alike. As Lange explained, cardboard boxes are light, durable and inexpensive. They can be custom-cut to the sizes needed in low quantities and most cases are recyclable. The cardboard box has evolved into a 21st-century marketing tool.

Creative, Effective, Affordable

Savvy marketing professionals include cardboard shipment boxes in their marketing toolkit. Why? The cardboard box is easy to customize with one’s brand and messaging, it’s affordable, and it’s effective.

78% of consumers believe that companies focused on custom content are more trustworthy than companies who churn out generic content.

What does this mean for you? Your shipment box is no longer just a box; it’s content for your customers. Rather than slapping a generic printed label on your shipment box, create a box that talks directly to your customer. Remember, during these intensely personal, photo-worthy unboxing experiences, your customer’s attention is on your box and your brand. Don’t waste the opportunity!

Start with color

Color is one of the first things that pull us in. The right color can increase brand recognition by making messaging easier to read and more visually appealing. Your logo, accent colors, and messaging need to communicate a feeling as much as a message.

Continue with Messaging

Inside and outside the box, there’s plenty of space where you can talk directly to your customer with no distractions or background noise.

Inspiring Quotes: Does your brand promote healthy choices and balanced life? Print Hippocrates’ familiar quote “Our Food Should Be Our Medicine, and Our Medicine Should Be Our Food” on the inside of the box, so it’s the first thing your customer sees when she opens the box. Too heavy of a message? How about something simple, like, “Choose Happiness.”

Social Media Handles and Hashtags: Increase your social media presence and build your followers by sharing your social media handles and hashtags on your box.

Do You Do Good? We live in a world where customers care about the culture of a company. Does a portion of your sales support a specific cause? Then say so. If all of your packaging material is recyclable or if your product is Made in America, share it on your shipment box. If you’re ‘doing good’ then it’s okay to toot your own horn.

Recipes: If you’re in the business of food, share a short recipe on the inside of the box. Ask them to share a photo of the meal, dessert or drink on your social media page using one of your hashtags. Relationships are built on great conversations. The cardboard box is yet another tool to jumpstart and continue conversations with your customers.

It’s Affordable, and We Can Help

Customized shipment boxes are an affordable and easy option for large and small businesses. With our high-quality digital printing service, we help customers build a better shipment box using logos, colors, and targeted messaging. Ten days is the average turnaround time and 100 is the minimum order for full-color, double- or single-sided printed boxes.

We’re here to help. Call us at (954) 572-2500 or (800) 231-8806, or send us an email at

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