The back-to-school box: Crayola Crayons

This month marks the start of the school year for many of our customers’ families. To prepare, parents are going through the time-honored tradition of back-to-school shopping with their young kids.

A lot has changed over the years, from how kids transport their lunches (from metal lunch boxes to insulated lunch bags) to how they take notes in the classroom (from pen/paper to electronic notepads). In the spirit of a new school year, let’s take a trip down memory lane and look at one of America’s most classic and cherished school supply: the Crayola crayon. Or, more specifically, the Crayola crayon BOX.

Colorful and Functional

What young student didn’t love getting a fresh box of Crayola crayons at the start of the new school year? The smooth green and yellow cardboard box with – if your mom would splurge a little – a built-in crayon sharpener. Colorful AND functional. Crack open the box to the waxy smell of perfectly pointed crayons with the colored paper wrapping still intact. The box fits perfectly in the lift-top school desks and stayed with the students all year long.

Colorful Branding

Crayola has stayed true to its colorful branding while staying open to change. The company first modified its logo in the early 1950s, resurrecting the trusted “Gold Medal” Crayola box for its 100th anniversary.

Years passed and the company introduced new colors and retired old colors to stay relevant. Prussian blue was changed to “midnight blue” because according to teachers, children could no longer relate to Prussian history. In 1962, the company renamed the flesh crayon “peach” to recognize that not everyone’s skin color is the same. Today, there are 120 Crayola colors.

Creative Products

The company expanded its product base by adding markers, twistable crayons, outdoor chalk, airbrush markers, and electronic tools to work with iPads and other electronics. Kids can recycle/reuse old crayons and Crayola’s Solar Farm generates enough electricity to produce 1 billion crayons and 500 million markers per year.


The Brand

The Crayola brand is timeless and recognizable, even as the company adds new products, introduces new colors and retires old-time favorites. The packaging, in cardboard or plastic, is pure Crayola. Learn more about Crayola’s Colorful Moments in Time!

What’s on your packaging?

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