Smart Holiday Packaging with MrBoxOnline – 26 October 2015

We’ve officially entered the holiday countdown. Christmas, Kwanza, Hanukkah, whatever the celebration, it is now the season for online shopping and there are fewer than 100 days left for consumers to find and ship that perfect gift.

Smart, successful business owners package their products from start to finish. That includes the shipment packaging – the last opportunity to communicate your brand, build brand loyalty, and make a lasting impression on the customer.

MrBoxOnline’s new, onsite printing service lets you create custom shipment packaging. Add your company logo, splashes of seasonal color, holiday graphics, and a bit of good cheer to help your business stand out from the plain brown cardboard box crowd.

To learn more about our holiday packaging tips, check our new blog post.

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Giving the gift of food this holiday season? Plan ahead and prepare with helpful tips from MrBoxOnline. We’ve been helping people and businesses prepare perishable items for shipment for nearly 40 years. With the proper packaging and shipment know-how, your perishable gifts will arrive intact, edible and delicious.

Find some helpful shipping tips in our new blog post.

Have questions about how to package your holiday food gifts for shipment? We’re happy to help. Call us at (800) 231-8806.


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