Small Businesses Can Think Big with Digital Printing

Digital printing in the packaging market is taking hold, according to Future Market Insights. At MRBOX, we’re asking, “What took everyone so long?”

We introduced digital printing to our customers in 2015. It was the first time they could afford to compete against their bigger-budget rivals using customized shipment packaging.

Since then, we’ve been creating the ultimate cardboard marketing tool to connect clients with customers in a real and personable way.

Along the way, we’ve busted a lot myths, such as:

  • Custom printed boxes are too expensive
  • The turnaround time takes too long
  • The minimum order is too large
  • There aren’t enough size options
  • No one cares about the shipment box
  • We don’t have anything to say that warrants custom printing

None of the above is true. Done right, custom-printed shipment boxes can help:

  • Build a Better Brand
  • Increase Visibility
  • Communicate with Customers
  • Create Worthy & Memorable Unboxing Experiences
  • Improve Customer Experience
  • Reduce Material & Shipping Costs (custom printed boxes can be custom-sized too)

Personalizing shipment packaging is easy. At MRBOX, our customers simply:

  • Select from 1,000-plus sizes of corrugated shipping and die-cut boxes
  • Choose from 16 million-plus colors to print full-color logos, images, and text
  • Customize the interior and exterior of the box with logos, graphics, and messaging
  • Print as few (minimum order is 100) or as many custom boxes as needed
  • Enjoy a fast turnaround (about 10 days once artwork is approved)

Check out our “It’s more than cardboard. It’s content” blog post for creative ways to customize your shipment box. Be sure to check out our custom-printed tape too.

Already have a design ready to go? Email us at for a printing quote or call us at (954) 572-2500 x101 or (800) 231-8806.

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