Safe Shipping for Valentine’s Day Gifts

Ah, Valentine’s Day. A day for flowers, hearts, loving sentiments, and sweet treats. Finding that perfect Valentine’s Day gift is serious business since 53 percent of women say they’d end their relationship if they didn’t get a gift. Ouch! But it’s serious business for companies too.

This year, consumers are expected to spend nearly $20 billion on Valentine’s Day gifts, with candy and flowers ranking in the top five gifts most given. Don’t equate those generous numbers with easy-peasy sales, however. Closing a successful Valentine’s Day sale requires thoughtful follow-through from start to finish.

Consumers are counting on companies to ship their gifts with the same tender loving, careful care they put into buying those gifts. One isn’t likely to forget or forgive a foiled shipment caused by improper packaging. The five-pound chocolate heart arriving as a sticky pool of cocoa or the crystal heart desk weight – not the most romantic gift and not one we’d recommend giving – arriving in five pieces instead of one? That’s not how you want your company remembered on one of the most special days of the year.

That’s where MRBOXonline can help.

We stock packaging and shipment supplies by quality suppliers, like 3M and our line of LuckyDog® brand supplies. Foam coolers keep perishables at safe temperatures. Our new Expressions Red Heart Bubble Wrap™ cushions and protects fragile products and wine and beer shippers cradle those fine bottles of merlot or craft beer. Get creative this Valentine’s Day and secure your packages with customized packaging tape that shares the spirit of Valentine’s Day with a heartfelt message from you.

Don’t wait! Contact us now, so you and your customers feel the love this Valentine’s Day.

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