New Packaging Products Add Splash of Color

For the love of color, MRBOXonline is adding new splashes of hues to its product lines.

Research shows colors used in branding and packaging can affect our moods, mindset, and how we perceive a brand or product. For example:

Green: Growth and nature

Red: Bold and healthy appetite

White: Pure, clean, simple

Yellow: Optimism and hope

Pink: Youth and energy

Blue: Trust and reliability

Purple: Imagination and success

A burst of color is the feel-good component for eye-catching shipment packaging. The right combination can elevate your customers’ unboxing experience from just so-so to social media worthy.

Start with the shipment box.

Consider our white die cut boxes your blank canvas. Using our onsite printing service, we’ll work with you to customize your shipment box using eye-catching colors – more than 16 million colors available! – logos, or personalized messages. Available in an assortment of sizes, die cut boxes are affordable, durable, and always in stock.

Next, choose packaging material.

Keep your fragile products cushioned, secure and wrapped with a pop bubbled color. Our new Bubble Wrap Expressions from Sealed Air are available in red hearts, purple dog bones, and even adorned with “thank you” sentiments.

Kraft paper, newsprint, and traditional Bubble Wrap provide a classic look and plenty of protection to keep your products secure during shipment.

Need to keep your products cool? We offer a gel packs in a variety of sizes to maintain temperature during shipment.

Wrap it up with custom packaging tape.

A longtime customer favorite, this printing service allows you to create packaging tape that reflects your brand, communicates a message, and securely seals your shipment box.

Providing affordable and creative quality solutions for shipment packaging is what we do at MRBOXonline. Let us help you. Call us at (954) 572-2500 or (800) 231-8806, or send us an email at [email protected].


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