#MRBOXMADEIT: Local Packing Materials Go National

Our plain jane packing materials are basking in the national TV spotlight.

The MRBOXonline sales team packed and shipped stacks of cardboard boxes and sheets of brown packing material and cardboard from our Florida warehouse to a production set located near Malibu, where hosts and Parks and Rec alum Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman would begin filming Season 2 of NBC’s Making It.

This lighthearted, unscripted crafting show debuted on Dec. 2, bringing together talented crafters to take on a variety of handmade projects with the hopes of impressing the judges. Each episode consists of two projects that allow makers to show their talent while sharing their skills and personal stories. MRBOXonline’s products are among the material available for contestants to use to build their works of art.

Here’s a teaser for the kick-off of Season 2


See if you can #FindMrBox products in this clip and in each episode. When you do, go to Facebook @MRBOXonline.com and tell us which episode and how they’re using our product. #FindMrBox #MRBOXMADEIT

Cardboard. The world’s most versatile material?

Possibly. Customers purchasing cardboard boxes and packing supplies include small- and medium-sized business owners, entrepreneurs, homeowners, teachers, artists, and other crafty DIYers.

Business owners appreciate the cardboard box’s dependability, affordability, and recyclability. And with the growth of online shopping exploding, they also value the custom branding options we offer through our CustomShop, which prints low-quantity, high-quality color logos, designs and other branding on the inside and outside of shipping boxes.

But it’s the creative magic of the cardboard box and packing supplies that inspires creative DIYers like those competing on Making It. Cardboard boxes can be repurposed for both fun and function – for adults, kids, and even or feline and canine friends.

We want to hear how you use cardboard boxes for fun or function. Share a photo/video with us on Facebook and we’ll share it with our followers!

And don’t forget to #FindMrBox! Stream NBC’s Making Itand see if you can #FindMrBox products in the episodes. When you do, go to Facebook @MRBOXonline.com and tell us which episode and how they’re using our product. #FindMrBox. #MRBOXMADEIT

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