Holiday Deliveries Expected to Soar

The holidays are upon us and we are in a full shopping frenzy. According to Adobe, U.S. e-commerce holiday spending is expected to top $107 billion this year, that’s $13 billion more than in 2016. Expect a landslide in the number of package deliveries, too. Your holiday package was one in a billion making its way to customers’ and family members’ doorsteps in 2016. This year, your package is about one in 2 billion.

Federal Express, United Parcel Service, and the United States Post Office each expect an uptick in the number of package deliveries. USPS leads with an estimated 850 million package deliveries (and a total of 15 billion pieces of holiday cheer by way of holiday mail). UPS estimates 750 million package deliveries. FedEx estimates between 380 million and 400 million package deliveries.

Yes, it’s the most wonderful – and busiest! – time of the year.

If you happen to be a Santa’s helper at any of the Big 3 shipping organizations, we’re sending some holly, jolly cheer your way; you are likely knee-deep in deliveries. If you’re a small business owner/retailer, take note. Your packages are in for a wild, bumpy ride. Let us offer some tried and true tips for creating memorable shipping boxes that are less likely to arrive damaged.

Make a list and check it twice

Make a packaging supply list and check it twice. The increase in the number of packages in transit this holiday season increases the risk of those packages incurring damage. Make sure you have the shipment materials needed to strengthen your packages so they arrive at your customers’ doorstep in one piece.

Brand your box with magic

Customized packaging tape and shipment boxes add just enough color and branding to create a little holiday magic without breaking the bank. Company logos, website address, taglines custom printed on packaging tape and shipping boxes provide a splash of holiday pop during your customers’ unboxing experience!

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