Grow Your Business with Custom Branded Boxes

Creating custom-branded boxes just got easier for our loyal customers (and their friends too!).

With the launch of MRBOXCustomShop, businesses of all sizes – and even those with limited marketing budgets – can not only build a better shipping box but create customized marketing materials using a variety of materials, from glass and ceramics to wood and butcher paper.

With MRBOXCustomShop, it’s easy.

  1. Login in to our just-launched MRBOX Custom Shop (
  2. Choose the box
  3. Choose the size
  4. Design your box using our virtual design shop.

Need help with design? We’re here for you. Just call or email us.

Need packing tape? We can add a splash of your branding on your packing tape too.

Need packaging material? Kraft paper, bubble wrap, tissue paper, we’ve got it all.

Looking for ideas transform your shipping box? Check out “It’s more than cardboard, it’s content” blog post for marketing tips.

High-quality, fast turn-around, low-quantity printing

Our in-house HP Latex R-series 2000 Plus - 98" wide flatbed digital printer sounds impressive because it is. The technology allows us to create more than 16-million colors to print logos, graphics, and messaging onto:

  • The inside and outside of our die-cut and corrugated cardboard boxes.
  • Butcher paper so customers have a positive “unwrapping” experience at home.
  • Kraft paper to brand and use as table clothes at trendy diners and restaurants.
  • Pizza boxes, take-out boxes, subscription boxes.

The average minimum order is 100 but some boxes we can print as few as 50! Order as few or as many as need. Turnaround time is about 10 days.

We can help your brand stand out among the millions of brown cardboard boxes delivered each day. Visit, call (954) 572-2500 ext. 1010 or email [email protected].

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