Etsy Sellers Get 10 % off to Celebrate 10 Years – 19 August 2015

ongratulations, Etsy, on 10 years of building a community of talented artists, innovators, and collectors!
Since you’re an Etsy seller, we know your business ignited from a passion – a passion for creating or finding something that inspires; brings joy; adds color or harmony; meets a unique need; or is just plain fun.

A&M Tape & Packaging started with that same passion nearly 40 years ago. Like you, we continue to grow and expand our business by doing what we love and by doing it well.

We sell boxes of all sizes, as well as other shipment packaging and supplies. Now, we also offer a printing service to make those non-descript shipping boxes not just another mode of delivery, but yet another opportunity for artists and creators like you to showcase creativity, style and business personality. In other words, it’s one more opportunity to showcase your brand to your customers.

Your shipment packaging should inspire like the products you create.

Find some great marketing tips and more information about our printing service in our recent blog post.

Take advantage of the holidays, a limited-run product, or a seasonal sale to create unique shipment packaging to help your business stand out.

Learn more about how our printing service can help Etsy sellers like you. Call us at (800) 231-8806, or visit us


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