Do your part on Earth Day

Online shopping is a magical experience. Surf, scroll, click and presto! Within days a box – sometimes several – appears at your doorstep. Within that box is typically another box and additional packaging material so your new socks, widget, or ingredients for that evening’s dinner arrive in safe, cushioned comfort.

Ever feel a tinge of guilt about all that cardboard and packaging material stacked at the curb on recycling day? You’re not alone.

A consumer study found nearly seven in 10 – that’s 68% -- of Americans are more conscious of packaging materials and design today than they were five years ago. That doesn’t mean consumers are willing to cut back on Internet shopping, but it does mean retailers need to be more strategic with their packaging and shipment options since consumers care about sustainability and waste.

Shipment boxes and packaging materials are what we do at MRBOXonline. We’re always looking for ways to do it better and greener by offering services and products that make it easy for our customers to reduce their carbon footprint.

As always, we suggest starting with the box.

First, shipping a box within a box is old-school and wasteful. Unless the product warrants that extra layer of protection, stick with one box and then make that box something spectacular. Spruce the box up with your logo or tagline so consumer remember your brand. If your box is recyclable, say so. It’s easy and affordable to do with today’s custom printing services.

Second, choose a box size that’s consistent with the size of the product you’re shipping. Less air to fill means less packaging waste and fewer items to stack at the curb on recycling day. Custom-cut boxes are an easy and affordable option

Finally, consider recycled cardboard boxes and other green products. Choose Styrofoam cooler boxes that can be remanufactured and aren’t manufactured using ozone-depleting CFCs. Our pulp wine shippers are made with 99% recyclable material and are biodegradable.

Earth Day is April 22. Revisit your packaging and shipment products to be sure you’re doing your part. Remind customers to do their part by recycling the cardboard boxes you ship their products in. And in honor of the day, read this article for tips on 20 Things You Didn't Know You Could Recycle. There are all kinds of creative ways to save the planet! Try one today!

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