Busy At-Home Etsy Sellers – Up Your Branding Game with Custom-Branded Shipping Boxes  

There are about 44.20 million active Etsy customers, according to the annual report of Statista, and since the COVID-19 pandemic, many Etsy sellers are seeing a dramatic increase in sales.  Etsy’s aggressive marketing and ad campaigns have helped monthly sales increase from 51% to 357% in some categories. These numbers reflect today’s reality: More people are spending time at home and sprucing things up with home projects

Now is the time for Etsy sellers to up their branding game with custom-branded shipping boxes.

The MRBOX CustomShop boosts your brand and adds a personal touch to your shipping box in a few easy steps. Use our onsite, full-color digital printing service to:

  • Pick from 16 million-plus colors to print full-color logos, images and text
  • Brand the outside of your box with logos, messaging, and graphics
  • Brand the inside of your box with words of inspiration, good cheer, and positive vibes
  • Print as few as 100 or as many as you need
  • Enjoy a quick turnaround time –10 days once the artwork is approved
  • Etsy sellers and small businesses alike can afford to get as creative with their shipping boxes as they do with their goods

Sales Slowing Down?

If you’re an Etsy seller experiencing a slowdown in sales, use this time to plan for the future. That way when business picks up again, you’re ready! Revisit your marketing plan and your website’s design and functionality. Don’t forget about your shipment packaging! It’s the last chance you have to make an impression with your customer.

It’s easy and we can help. Visit 
https://customshop.mrboxonline.com/ to get started, email David@MrBoxOnline.com, or call (800) 231-8806.

DID YOU KNOW? A recent article analyzing Etsy sales shared that the top Etsy product categories have shifted during the pandemic to household categories including Arts and Collectibles, Suit & Tie Accessories, Bath and Body Essentials, Outdoor and Gardening and Barware. We’re not surprised since more people have time to spend sprucing up their homes and need supplies to keep them busy. Learn more:

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