Brand your shipping box with color!

Color is so important to our personal health that nutritionists tell us to fill our plates with every shade of the rainbow. Deep green leafy vegetables like kale and spinach; yellow and orange produce like carrots and squash, blue and purple blueberries, blackberries and plums and red beets or strawberries.

Color is just as important to the health and vitality of our brands. We use Green to project growth, nature, earth-friendliness; Red to project boldness and healthy appetite; White to reflect pureness and simplicity; Yellow: to project optimism and hope; Pink to reflect youth and energy; Blue for show trustworthiness and reliability, and Purple to communicateimagination, creativity, and success.

Yet colors do more than communicate your brand’s story, culture, and personality. According to SmallBizTrends, color impacts people’s purchasing behaviors and decisions with 85 percent of consumers surveyed reporting color as a primary reason why they make a purchase.

It makes sense, then, for marketers to invest time, research and money to create product packaging that uses colors and design to appeal to and entice their target market.

But why stop at the product packaging?

“That blank canvas of a cardboard box is an affordable and effective marketing tool,” says David Perlman, president of MRBOXonline. “Once available only to corporations with big budgets, custom-printed shipping boxes are used by small- and mid-sized e-commerce companies – and even Etsy sellers – to create an exceptional sales experience, from beginning to end.”

Is your shipping box worthy of a social media-worthy unboxing experience?

Here’s an easy and affordable way!

Using MRBOXonline’s custom-printing service, customers can:

  • Choose from 1,000-plus sizes of corrugated shipping and die-cut boxes
  • Select from 16 million-plus colors to print full-color logos, images, and text
  • Customize the interior and exterior of the box with logos, graphics, and messaging
  • Print as few (minimum order is 100) or as many custom boxes as needed
  • Enjoy a fast turnaround (about 10 days once artwork is approved)

Small- and mid-sized business owners and Etsy sellers can afford to get creative with their shipping boxes. We can help! Call us at (954) 572-2500 or (800) 231-8806, or send us an email at

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