A year of innovation leads to a year of change at MRBOXonline

2015 was the year of innovation at MRBOXonline. We listened to our customers and developed affordable and effective business solutions to meet their needs.

Custom-printed shipment packaging – We took exceptional customer service one step further by offering a digital printing service that would allow us to create customized cardboard boxes. That’s right. Plain brown boxes are the exception to the rule, as marketers learn to use our boxes and our printing service in tandem for an effective – and colorful! – marketing tool.

All Bite But No Bark Packaging Tape – Silence is golden for people working in stockrooms, home offices, or anywhere noise is an issue. Our new Lucky Dog Silent™ tape is a clear, extra-heavy polypropylene film with acrylic adhesive (that just means it’s extra sticky) that lets customers securely tape packages without the screechy noise typically produced by polypropylene tapes.

2016 is the year of exciting change at MRBOXonline.

A New Logo! – We’ve been working with our creative team to develop a new logo that better reflects the 21st century MRBOXonline. Sleek, minimalistic, modern. Yes, you can have all three, even in the packaging industry! We can’t wait to show you!

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A New Website –Slated to go live next month, MRBOXonline’s new and improved website will make customers smile. It’s designed to make finding and ordering products easy. We’ve organized the site by product and shipping purpose, and it’s fully optimized so you can view it clearly whether you’re on a desktop, tablet or smartphone. 

We appreciate our customers, so nothing has changed with our Loyalty Points program. And our MRBOXonline blog will be a click away for helpful and entertaining posts about how we can help build your business with boxes, shipment supplies, printing services and more.

Check back next month when we unveil our new logo and website!

Looking for ideas to make 2016 one of innovation and change? Call MRBOXonline at (954) 572-2500 or (800) 231-8806.

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