A Packaging Success Story: Rocking horse survives cross-country trip

Our happiest customers are our longtime customers, and they make us proud when they share their shipping success stories.

It was 22 years ago that our South Florida customer put the finishing touches on a wooden rocking horse he had crafted for his granddaughter living in Las Vegas. Our sales team provided the custom-sized cardboard box, bubble wrap and packaging material so the rocking horse would arrive safe and sound at his granddaughter’s doorstep.

Just last week this same customer visited our showroom and shared with us the rocking horse’s tumultuous journey from the Sunshine State to the City of Lights. It was a good thing he looked to us for his packaging needs.

Our customer had checked the oversized package with the airline and upon arrival in Las Vegas the airline crew mistakenly assumed the box was an airplane part. Without a care, the box was transported and stacked at a warehouse where other large pieces of equipment and parts were stored.

The airline eventually tracked down the package. From the look of the banged up cardboard box, our customer had expected the worst. So did the airline personnel, who advised him they would not be responsible for any damage.

When the customer opened the box, however, the rocking horse was totally intact. For the next decade, the rocking horse brought happiness to his granddaughter.

As he recalled the experience 22 years later, he thanked our sales team for advising him which packaging materials would keep the rocking horse safe and secure.

We are always happy to provide dependable products and services to customers shipping products for profit, but we hold a special spot in our hearts for those products you can’t put a price on.

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